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I have a complex Excel formula in JavaScript string variable:

IF(F8=1;"Процентная ставка до постройки";
IF(F8=2.7;CONCATENATE("Процентная ставка в 1-ый год";G21);
IF(F8=3;CONCATENATE("Процентная ставка в первые 3 года";G21);
CONCATENATE("Процентная ставка в первые 5 лет";G21)))))

I need to extract "pure" numbers from this and replace them with ones multiplied by 10^10. So the string should turn into

IF(F8=10000000000;"Процентная ставка до постройки";
IF(F8=27000000000;CONCATENATE("Процентная ставка в 1-ый год";G21);
IF(F8=30000000000;CONCATENATE("Процентная ставка в первые 3 года";G21);
CONCATENATE("Процентная ставка в первые 5 лет";G21)))))

I do not want to touch numbers, that are inside string consts (1-ый, 5 лет) or cell names (F5, G21).

Is there any easy way to do this, any regular expression or something?

I really don't want any brainf*cking parsing...

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Are all the numbers you want to replace prefixed with =? – Jerry Aug 8 '13 at 7:53
No. There may be any symbol allowed in excel formula. Opening parenthesis, any number of spaces, some math symbol(+,-,*,/,^), I wonder what else. – Retter Aug 8 '13 at 8:04
Any example for those specific cases? Also, would be good if you could add what you have tried so far. You mentioned regular expressions, I deduce you should have some notion of how to use it. – Jerry Aug 8 '13 at 9:16
Some of examples I have: =VLOOKUP(D7;'Валюта кредита'!B5:E7;4;0) =C42*C33/(1-C33) =IF(AND(G9=C31;F5=1);C45;IF(F5=1;IF(F8=1;C49/12;C48/12);IF(F8=1;C47/12;C47/12))‌​) Regular expression /[^a-zA-Z][\d\.]+/ extracts numbers, but it doesn't consider any quotes. – Retter Aug 9 '13 at 0:32
Huh, you have vlookups too? You intend to get =VLOOKUP(D7;'Валюта кредита'!B5:E7;40000000000;0) as output for this line? – Jerry Aug 9 '13 at 5:30

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