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I am trying to render HTML select box. I have 3 Div's inside table cell. Value

When the table expands the alignment of leftDiv and rightDiv is OK. But when the table shrinks below the size of two divs (leftDiv & rightDiv ) the rightDiv is rendering below the leftDiv.

How to make this two Divs stick together all the time?

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Do you mean 3 or 2 Divs? – o.k.w Nov 28 '09 at 9:28
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You have few choices:

  1. Have the 2 divs width set as relative or percentage (say 50% or 4x%)
  2. Have the table cell (td)'s minimum width set as that or more of the 2 child divs.
    min-width: xxxx;

There are probably a few more methods you can google for.

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You can specify the width of leftDiv & rightDiv with percentage, not pixels

.leftDiv {width: 50%}
.rightDiv {width: 50%}
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It works for the problem but i want the rightDiv to be right aligned all the time – Niger Nov 28 '09 at 9:30
Then add float: left to leftDiv and float: right to rightDiv – fushar Nov 28 '09 at 9:33
already did. But not working as Combo box. – Niger Nov 28 '09 at 9:35

Set white-space:nowrap on the on the table cell. And white-space: normal on the divs themselves.

td.myClass {
  white-space: nowrap;
#leftDiv , #rightDiv { whitespace: normal }
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Or this, if your table cell is a fixed width (100px in my example):

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