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please suggest me best algo for the below situation:

I have some taks which are to be scheduled by users anytime, the tasks may have recurring options(periodically/weekly/monthly...).I have to run these tasks at the scheduled time.

  1. Run only once after a specified start date
  2. Run periodically for every 1 hour after a specified date
  3. Run every week monday and tuesday for every i hr after a specified date
  4. Run monthly at a particular date after a specified date.

Its better if you give the code snippet ...

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I think you want a library or a service, not an algorithm. It would be a lot of work (and a waste of time) to code a job scheduler "algorithm" yourself. –  Stephen C Nov 28 '09 at 9:55

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Use a scheduler like Quartz or cron4j (pretty decent library and more lightweight than Quartz).

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The Hudson integration server does exactly the same (in Java). It even implements the cron syntax allowing complex schedules. And it's open source.

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I suggest that you look at Quartz if you want a Java solution. That link points to the Quartz features page, which looks like it could be a good fit to your requirements. A stack of examples may be found here.

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Quartz is a nice, open, extendable, Java based library.

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If it's not mandatory that you use Java for this, you should just use cron. This is what cron is for.

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