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I am using python to read headers from SAC but am having trouble removing whitespace. I want to remove the space before the next station name e.g RPZ, TOZ, URZ. This is my code:

for s in stations:
    stnm = h.station
    tt = h.sac.t1

    print>>f,stnm, 'P', '1', tt,

I want the output to look like this:

DSZ P 1 53.59RPZ P 1 72.80TOZ P 1 40.25URZ P 1 32.26 

Then to go onto a new line after 32.26. This is why I have the comma after tt.

However it currently outputs like this with the unwanted space before RPZ, TOZ and URZ:

DSZ P 1 53.59 RPZ P 1 72.80 TOZ P 1 40.25 URZ P 1 32.26

Any suggestions? I have tried x.strip(), but I get the

AttributeError: 'list' object has no attribute 'strip'.
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The print statement is adding the spaces; if you want the space to be dropped, don't print but use f.write() instead:

f.write('{} P 1 {}'.format(stnm, tt))

This uses string formatting with str.format() to create the same output format, but now no space will be written following the tt value.

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Just as an alternative to Martin's answer, you could also (for Python 2.6+ import and) use the print function, something like;

# import only needed for Python2
from __future__ import print_function      

print(stnm, 'P', '1', tt, end='', file=f)
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