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I have java project with my tests and Maven to build it.

Test structure:

  • QuickTest (child of TestBase)
  • LongTest (child of TestBase)
  • TestBase (parent of QuickTest and LongTest)

TestBase contain only three methods:

  • @BeforeClass - to run browser
  • @BeforeMethod - to open main page
  • @AfterSuite - to close browser

QuickTest contain 4 quick test-methods with @Test annotations and (groups = {"quick"}) LongTest contain a @DataProvider and one @Test to use it, with (groups = {"long"})

In Maven I have some profiles to start different browsers. My goal is to use:

mvn test -P ie9 -Dgroups=quick

to run only quick tests, but I'm having a problem with my TestBase class. I always add @BeforeClass and @BeforeMethod as well as (alwaysRun = true) which is working fine.

But my @AfterSuite method doesn't work. When I add (alwaysRun = true) to it then this method will always log an error and fail.

For quick group i want test order:

BeforeClass -> BeforeMethod -> TestMethod1 -> BeforeMethod -> TestMethodX -> AfterSuite

For long group i want order:

BeforeClass -> BeforeMethod -> TestMethodWithData1 -> BeforeMethod -> TestMethodWithDataX -> AfterSuite

What annotations should I use and what should my testng.xml look like?

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If your annotation is @BeforeClass to open the browser, why don't you use @AfterClass to close the browser? That seems to make a lot more sense. –  Nathan Merrill Aug 8 '13 at 13:15
@MrTi thank for advise. I change '@AfterSuite' to '@AfterClass'. Now if i run only single test class it's work great. But if i want to run more than one class at once, then work only first class, the second will skip. New test order is: BeforeClass -> BeforeMethod -> TestX -> AfterClass -> BeforeMethod. BeforeClass won't start before each test-class, only at first and all other test-methods are skip. –  Keiga Aug 8 '13 at 14:55
I'm confused about what your are saying. @BeforeClass will run before all methods in the class, and @AfterClass will run after all methods in the class. If you are running another class, then it will need a @Before/@After as well –  Nathan Merrill Aug 8 '13 at 15:21
@MrTi yea, i know that. but all of my before\after methods are the same for all of my tests. And i store them in a parent class TestBase other tests are just a class that extends TestBase. –  Keiga Aug 8 '13 at 18:41
I would like to recommend jbehave for you. I suppose your tests doing somethig in the page that is why you made a super class for them. You can use BeforeStory/AfterStory annotation for open/close the browser. You should write story files and steps and steps have order so you can log in and after that log out and so on. –  bitli Dec 30 '13 at 17:25

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