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I have several spring projects with displaytag 1.2 as dependency (ivy). Each project has its own displaytag.properties file placed under Java Resources -> resources folder. The problem is when I'm running it localy (Eclipse with Tomcat) it seems that only one displaytag.properties is shared among all other projects.

How can i specify that each project should load its own displaytag.properties?

This is the same problem when I'm deploying to a server. I've placed this property file under WEB-INF/classes, but again, only one property file is loaded and shared among other projects.

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How do other projects know about that file? Something is wrong with your Eclipse setup. –  Michael-O Aug 8 '13 at 9:26
I've read somewhere that in Eclipse context everything is "visible". I've checked Java Build Path and the resources folder is there. –  Banana Aug 8 '13 at 9:42

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It seems like, when there are several projects depending on same displaytag, that upon starting a server only one displaytag.properties is loaded. So, I've placed displaytag.properties in a jar of one project and for the second project I've used display:setProperty tag inside a jsp. Now everything works.

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