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I am using Concordion to test some java components.

I know how to test a method that takes single parameter.

e.g. if I want to test this

 public Result split(String fullName) 

I will write something like

<span concordion:set="#firstName">Bob</span>

However, if I need to work on a list of parameters e.g.

public Result split(List<String> fullNames)

I don't know how to pass the list of parameters and I can't find something in the documentation either. If someone has done something like this, could you please help.


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I would normally pass it as a single parameter, eg.

<span concordion:set="#names">Bob,Janet,Charlie</span>

and then change it to a list inside the fixture:

public Result doSomething(String names) {
    String[] nameList = names.split(",");

An alternative is to pass the values in a table, as shown at

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