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i work with nopCommerce 3.0 source code in the vs 2012 ultimate edition.

currently i working in the Nop.Admin project with telirik grid. Now i face a issue in

click event of checkbox control in the telirik grid.

There is a checkbox tag in every telirik grid row. when the user is checked in the checkbox

i push the value of the checkbox to a array. this is done by jQuery part.

(Please Note : I alredy do this project in the NopCommerce 2.30. currently i try to upgrade the nopCommerce 2.30 source code to nopCommerce 3.00 source code. This code is works fine in my nopCommerce 2.30 source code.)

Please see the below images .

Before the click.

enter image description here

Before click there no additional code in between the td cell.

After the click.

enter image description here

Now there are more strange html comes in between the td cell.

How can i solve this error.

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I solved this problem. I remove the

.Editable(editing => editing.Mode(GridEditMode.InCell))

code in my razor.

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