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I have created a function (which is quite long) that I have saved in a .txt file. It works well (I use source(< >) to access it). My problem is that I have created a few variables in that function ie:

myfun<-function(a,b) {
Var2=Var1 + ..

Now I want to get those variables. When I include return() inside the function, its fine: the value comes up on the screen, but when I type Var1 outside the function, I have an error message "the object cannot be found". I am new to R, but I was thinking it might be because "myfun" operates in a different envrionment than the global one, but when I did

environment: R_GlobalEnv>
environment: R_GlobalEnv>

It seems to me the problem is elsewhere...

Any idea?


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return doesn't assign your var1 object, you need to do that yourself. E.g. if myfun returns an object internal to your function called var1 you need to do var1 <- myfun(a,b) to save this to your global environment. –  thelatemail Aug 8 '13 at 10:43
Additionally if you want to return multiple functions you can return a list return(list(var1=var1,var2=var2)). when calling this e.g. var1 <- myfun(a,b) then the two variables will be var1$var1 and var1$var2. –  Peter Dutton Aug 8 '13 at 10:45

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If you want to do it in a nice way, write a class and than provide a print method. Within this class it is possible to return variables invisible. A nice book which covers such topics is "The Art of R programming".

An easy fix would be save each variable you need later on an list and than return a list (as Peter pointed out):

return(list(VAR1=VAR1, .....))
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Thanks for your answers. However, it still doesn"t work.. Maybe I misunderstood your answers, but I edited my text file, and added the following line: LISTE<-(list(var1,var2)) and print(LISTE) in the function. When I execute myfun in my program, "LISTE" come up, but stil, when I call LISTE in the program itself (and not in the function) the object cannot be found....) Any idea why ? –  Lauren S Aug 8 '13 at 12:01
OK it's working now, I guess I was not really familiar with the idea of "slots" in lists.. Thanks! –  Lauren S Aug 8 '13 at 12:25

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