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Recently started using Eclipse (4.2.2) with PDT for PHP dev. Having some issues if I have multiple editor containers open. Also I'm using Ubuntu, so dont know if that has any baring on it.

I like to drag out some of the tabs onto other screens giving them a windowed container outside of the main IDE. When I do this, copy and paste does not work on the child window, and instead acts like the cursor is still on the main code container.

If I have multiple editor containers within the original IDE window its fine, the problem only manifests itself when I drag the container into its own window.

Just noticed, it also wont let me undo / redo, or press 'delete' without having the same effect on the parent window. backspace however is fine

Is this a bug or 'feature'? And any idea how to fix it?

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I have found that if inside of dragging an existing editor tab out into a new window, go to the "Window" menu and select "new editor". Then drag that out and things would work as we expect them to.

FYI - This does not appear to be Ubuntu specific as I have the same problem on OSX 10.8.5 running Eclipse Juno SR2.

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