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At the moment, when write code and get into a method that has many overloaded versions, Ctrl-Space will display the overloaded list as snapshot #1 below.

enter image description here

After I choose one version, I want to switch to another overloaded version but I don't know what hotkey to reshow the overloaded list, as shown in snapshot #2. Currently I have to delete the arguments and hit Ctrl-Space again which is quite tiring to me.

What is the hotkey to reshow that list then?

enter image description here

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Just a termonology issue, I think you meant "overloaded" (method with same names but different arguments) instead of "overriden" (methods of a superclass reimplemented in a suclass) –  SJuan76 Aug 8 '13 at 11:38
Yeah you are rite! Thanks @SJuan76. I'll update my OP –  Nam G VU Aug 8 '13 at 11:57

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I think there's no way to do what you want. I took a look at the shortcuts configuration and didn't find anything.

Ctrl + Space is related to code completion. Hitting Ctrl + Z again can work if you selected the method with less parameters.

Maybe the best alternative is to hit Ctrl + Z after the wrong completion. It will restore the state just before the wrong selection. Then hit Ctrl + Space again.

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