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I am using amplify.js with Knockout.js and I want to store data locally. I tried using this code: amplify guide but it isn't working for me.

My view model

define(['services/datacontext'], function (dataContext) {

    var store = amplify.store("offlineData"); // Why is agency undefined after retrieving from the store?!?!?!

    var agency = ko.observableArray([]);
    var initialized = false;

    var save = function (agency) {
        return dataContext.saveChanges(agency);

    var vm = { // This is my view model, my functions are bound to it. 
        //These are wired up to my agency view
        activate: activate,
        agency: agency,
        title: 'agency',
        refresh: refresh, // call refresh function which calls get Agencies
        save: save
    return vm;

    function activate() {
        if (initialized) {

        initialized = true;

        if (initialized == true) {
            amplify.store("offlineData", vm.agency);

        return refresh();


    function refresh() {
        return dataContext.getAgency(agency);

After refresh retrieves the data, I save this data to the local store. So when I make another request for this page. I would expect var store to contain this data but it is undefined.

Does anyone know how to use amplify?

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amplify.store("offlineData", vm.agency);

vm.agency is a function, therefore you need to invoke it to get its value

amplify.store("offlineData", vm.agency());
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Yup, you're probably right. I prefer to use the Knockout utility ko.util.unwrapObservable(vm.agency), or the 'newer' ko.unwrap(vm.agency), reads nicer IMO - makes it more explicit - and also if you ever change things to be non-observable (tho unlikely) then it won't break the code. –  jamiebarrow Jan 8 at 10:28

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