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I'm on Debian Lenny if that matters, in terms of me possibly needing something like Zend Studio - I'm wondering if Zend_Tool can do this somehow.

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What is a zfproject.xml file? –  allnightgrocery Jun 9 '10 at 1:01
It is an xml file that contains the structure of your zend app when you use the cli to create a new site. –  meder Jun 9 '10 at 1:15

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I'm sure you know this information already but I thought I'd mention it here for posterity.

It looks as if Ralph Schindler has been working on features within Zend Tool but I don't believe they're in place yet. The process, as I understand it, would be to create a fresh ZF project, move in your existing structure, and then use Zend Tool to re-sync the .zfproject.xml file. I've heard you can re-call "zf create" commands to have them insert nodes into the .zfproject.xml file but I've not seen it done. And, besides, you specified "practical".

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Guess there isn't an easy practical way ( yet at least )

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