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I have 4 different data files (for seasons) and already managed to make boxplots with median and stuff.

But now I'd like to show a development over the seasons with a simple line. I want gnuplot to plot the median values (and maybe quartils or standard deviations) of the 4 seasons and connect them via linespoints.

The values are in 4 separate data files in one column - for each column there is one median (and quartils...). I also want to ignore the first few entries.

I have tried the command stats but I always get an error here:

stats 'VARIANTE 1\Habitate\Äschen\Vergleich\FRU\WUA_Vergleich.dat' u 2 every ::5 label  "Ist_FRU"
stats 'VARIANTE 1\Habitate\Äschen\Vergleich\SOM\WUA_Vergleich.dat' u 2 every ::5 label "Ist_SOM"
stats 'VARIANTE 1\Habitate\Äschen\Vergleich\HER\WUA_Vergleich.dat' u 2 every ::5 label "Ist_HER"
stats 'VARIANTE 1\Habitate\Äschen\Vergleich\WIN\WUA_Vergleich.dat' u 2 every ::5 label "Ist_WIN"

I defined special xtics here:

set xtics ("Fru" 1, "Som" 2, "Her" 3, "Win" 4) scale 0.0  out font ",9"

and later wanted to plot that data:

plot \
 (1):median_Ist_FRU notitle linestyle 1, \
 (2):median_Ist_SOM notitle linestyle 1, \
 (3):median_Ist_HER notitle linestyle 1, \
 (4):median_Ist_WIN notitle linestyle 1 

I guess I am not understanding the commands stats or plot properly, and the solution might be pretty simple for an experienced user - but I have tried many different things and nothing worked.

Thanks in advance!

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You use the wrong syntax for the stats command (would have been helpful if you had provided the error message). You must use name, the rest is convenience:

tmpl = 'VARIANTE 1\Habitate\Äschen\Vergleich\%s\WUA_Vergleich.dat'
stats sprintf(tmpl, "FRU") u 2 every ::5 name "Ist_FRU_"
stats sprintf(tmpl, "SOM") u 2 every ::5 name "Ist_SOM_"
stats sprintf(tmpl, "HER") u 2 every ::5 name "Ist_HER_"
stats sprintf(tmpl, "WIN") u 2 every ::5 name "Ist_WIN_"

The plotting part is a bit tricky:

# these are some test values
Ist_FRU_median = 1
Ist_SOM_median = 0.5
Ist_HER_median = 1.5
Ist_WIN_median = 1.2

set xtics ("Fru" 1, "Som" 2, "Her" 3, "Win" 4) scale 0.0
quartil="FRU SOM HER WIN"
set samples 4
set xrange[0.8:4.2]
plot '+' using ($0+1):(value('Ist_'.word(quartil, int($0+1)).'_median')) with linespoints title ''

Rough explanation of the script: Usually gnuplot can connect points with lines only when they appear in the same data file.

To simulate that, I use the special file name +, which generates a number of samples in the specified range (the xrange must be set in order to use +). I use four samples (set samples 4), the number of the current sample can be accessed with $0 (or column(0)) in the using statement. The sample number goes from 0 to 3.

quartil holds four words, which are extracted later to construct the variable name. The first word has the index 1, therefore I use word(quartil, $0+1).

If a variable name is known as string, its value can be accessed by value(string).

The result with the test data is: enter image description here

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