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Here is my completion function:

compctl -K f c

Then I do



c ok

Something works. Then I do tab after b

c ok "a b"

and nothing happens. I expect a b to be replaced with ok (as it does in bash).

How could I achieve it?

I really need to do completions inside quotes. Typical launch of my program looks like this: c 'a, &b, c[d]' 'a < 1 and b == "2013"'

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This has nothing to do with the use of quotes. zsh doesn't offer ok as a completion in your second case because it isn't anywhere close to what was already entered for that argument. The completion wouldn't be offered after c a either.

zsh generally assumes that what is to be completed will be somewhat related to what has already been entered, relieving the author of a completion function from needing to check for matches. You can add the -U option to your compctl command to tell it that the entire $reply list should be used, even entries which don't match.

I should also note that compctl belongs to the old zsh completion system. The new completion system is described in the zshcompsys manpage

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Thank you very much! I did not manage to get through new style completions docs. Too complicated for me – alexanderkuk Aug 8 '13 at 13:05

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