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I did a Java-project, that runs normally under Linux and in that project I start a ProcessBuild with

new ProcessBuilder("bash", "-c", "Rscript scriptname arg1 arg2 arg3");

... where the "scriptname" and the "args" ofcourse are some Strings. Anyway it worked very well for me: The script is loaded with the 3 args.

Now I had to run the whole project under Windows. There occured a lot of problems as well and the last open problem is the start of Rscript (now Rscript.exe) with the specific script and the args.

Therefore I tried several things out like

new ProcessBuilder(".../Rscript.exe scriptname arg1 arg2 arg3");


new ProcessBuilder("cmd.exe", ".../Rscript.exe scriptname arg1 arg2 arg3" );

and other combinations from that.

I am really now pro with R and no pro with starting things from Windows-console at all.

Can anyone help me with that? I think the only problem is the correct call, or the correct migration from that call under Linux to a call under Windows.

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Did you try new ProcessBuilder(".../Rscript.exe","scriptname","arg1","arg2","arg3")? This should work since Rscript.exe is your command and scriptname,arg1,...,argn are parameters to this command. –  dic19 Sep 3 '13 at 19:13

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