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i have a excel workbook book1.xlsm and another one as book2.xls i want to push values from book1 to book2 via a macro running in book1.

Is there a way in which even if the workbook book2 is close the value is pushed to it.

the main reason for asking this is that it will skip the problem of saving book2 again and again after a new value is inserted.

thank you in advance.


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You could use formulas in Book 2, that way when you re-open it, those formulas evaluate based on the reference to Book1. But I suspect this is not what you want. There is no way to "push values" to a workbook file that is not open. You will get an error if you try. –  David Zemens Aug 8 '13 at 14:05
You could use the macro to silently open Book2, insert the value, and then save & close Book2. All this can be done pretty simply. –  David Zemens Aug 8 '13 at 14:06

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The short answer is No

The longer answer is ...

... whatever technology you use to get updates into a file (patching on the O/S byte level, using application programmes, etc. ...), it always means to open / update / save / close the file (allthough on the lowest level a "file" may be a sector on the hard drive). Some techno's are faster than others, though ...

So don't waste time ... if you can't do by creating formulas in Book2 that retrieve data from Book1- as suggested in the comments to your question - write code in Book1 to open / update / close Book1

By carefull and intelligent use of events like Workbook_Open() and Workbook_BeforeClose(...) you can care for synchronisation and hence minimizing the number of openings / savings /closings of Book2

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