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I want to detect the FullScreen API with Modernizr, but I really can't understand how.

Here's what I tried:

console.log(Modernizr);               // Object {flexbox: true, canvas: true, …}
console.log(Modernizr.fullscreen);    // undefined 
console.log(Modernizr.fullscreenapi); // undefined
console.log(Modernizr.fullScreen);    // undefined

I've tried the development version and a custom build; and yes, I've checked fullscreen-api in the custom build.

Same problem with other non-core detects like contenteditable.

Any suggestions?

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Works for me: jsfiddle.net/uRDQF - the minified Modernizr code is from their Download page, where the only things checked are "fullscreen-api" and "Modernizr._domPrefixes" (under Extensibility) –  Ian Aug 8 '13 at 14:24

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Are you using the class names feature? Do you see fullscreen or no-fullscreen on your <html> tag? If you do but you still can't access Modernizr.fullscreen you could just monkey patch it, but that's probably not ideal.

Modernizr.fullscreen = Modernizr.fullscreen || $('html').hasClass('fullscreen');

Otherwise, I would follow Ian's example and just dump your whole Modernizr file into a fiddle for others to look at.

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My problem was that I attempted to uncheck everything but fullscreen-api; by the way, when unchecking _domPrefixes it was automatically unchecking fullscreen-api too. Redownloading the custom build with fullscreen-api and _domPrefixes both checked fixed my issue.

The right property to detect is of course Modernizr.fullscreen. Thank you guys.

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