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I have seen the below question.The answer was to use the semaphores instead.This didnot answer one of the other problems stated in the question which I am facing.

Using InheritableThreadLocal with ThreadPoolExecutor -- or -- a ThreadPoolExecutor that doesn't reuse threads

I have a parent thread which sets some unique identifier for each new request in an InhertiedThreadLocal and submits 2 Runnable Tasks to the ThreadPool i.e for 2 threads. For the initial request the values that are set for InheritedThreadLocal in the parent thread are propagated to the ChildThread correctly. For the next requests,the childthreads are not receiving the latest InheritedThreadLocal set by the parent Thread and the old values in the ChildThread are used.

This is because threadpool reuses threads and the InheritedThreadLocal are copied only when new thread is created.

Now how can I propagate the latest value of InheritedThreadLocal from parent to Child thread in the thread pool scenario. Is there a way out for this ?

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I tried googling,but couldnt find a specific yes if this can be solved. –  whokares Aug 8 '13 at 14:47

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If we configure ThreadPoolExecutor like this

new ThreadPoolExecutor(0, 2, 0L, TimeUnit.SECONDS, new SynchronousQueue<Runnable>());

it will create a new Thread each time thus InheritableThreadLocals will be inherited, though then it can hardly be called a ThreadPoolExecutor

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Ok.Yes in that case that would not be a a thread pool.The point is that we are not using ThreadPoolExecutor for managing threads.We use IBM implementation of javax.resource.spi.work.WorkManager to manager threads. –  whokares Aug 8 '13 at 15:40
To add one more point,the question can be simplified as,Is there any way wherein we can get the InhertiedThreadLocals from the parent thread context into a child thread context whenever a thread from a threadpool executes a given runnable? –  whokares Aug 8 '13 at 15:45

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