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I have a navigation list. The effect I am looking for is when the user clicks on a link, an accordion style div is built and displayed by jQuery. Then if the user clicks the same screen, the is deleted from the screen.

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Here's some cod that will create an DIV if it is not already there, load it with some HTML from the URL contained in a link's HREF attribute, then turn it into an accordion. If the DIV already exists, it removes it.

$('.navLink').click( function() {
   var accordion_id = 'accordion_' + this.id;
   var accordion = $('#' + accordion_id);
   if (accordion.length > 0) {
   else {
      $('<div id="' + accordion_id + '"></div>')
           .load( $(this).attr('href') )
   return false; // cancel default action of link
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Yes, I'm quite sure that this is possible. It looks like there may be plugins and third-party tools out there that can help you with this task. This one looks promising: http://jqueryui.com/demos/accordion/

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