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I have a mySQL database problem - I'm a newbie to this: I've installed WAMP Server and I'm able to log into localhost then phpmyadmin to give the screen below (right image). But I get No xNo Privileges in red -- I see from online examples that I should see "Create new database": enter image description here Suggestions are welcome. [I have no password and the login is just 'local']

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'local' probably wasn't setup with correct privileges. Login as 'root' and make changes from there (don't do this on a production environment, but it's fine when done locally) –  Brian Phillips Aug 8 '13 at 15:53
ok thanks - I'll try this now –  Jake French Aug 8 '13 at 15:55

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You are getting this message because you have made up a userid and password.

MySQL's initial installation state has ONE userid defined called root. This is the case regardless of how you installed MySQL, unless the install asks you for a password at installation time.

That is the SUPER USER and can do anything. By default (again which ever way you install MySQL) this root user has no password.

So login to phpMyAdmin using :-

username = root
password = (leave this blank, empty)

Press the Login button.

You will now be loged in as root.

PS. Its a good idea to add a password to this username, BUT PLEASE DONT FORGET IT, as recovery can be a pain.

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