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I have just relaunched a site on ExpressionEngine and I setup some url redirects with detour pro. But it seems that the old site had some urls that contained illegal characters like " and (. These urls are throwing 503 errors on the site and not redirecting. Any one have experience with this or know how to handle it better.

2011/bike_specs.php?serialnum=1728&Bayview_Trail_24''_Girls 2012/bike_specs.php?serialnum=1731&Bayview_Trail_24''_Boys 2012/bike_specs.php?serialnum=1890&Highway;_One /2011/bike_specs.php?serialnum=1901&%3Cstrong%3E%3Cfont%20color=

They all start with a year then /bike_spec if there is a way to strip out all the illegal chars in the htaccess file it may hit the correct 301 rule.

Thanks, Cory

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