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I am using Google Spreadsheet .NET API and I have a column with cells which are hyperlinks. I want to retrieve the formula of the cell via C#. I refer to this question "How can I retrieve the hyperlink from a data cell in google apps script?" which is similar to mine. I am borrowing the picture from the mentioned question for a proper visualization of the problem.

I am using the following code from the google tutorials:

using System;
using Google.GData.Client;
using Google.GData.Spreadsheets;

namespace MySpreadsheetIntegration
  class Program
    static void Main(string[] args)
      SpreadsheetsService service = new SpreadsheetsService("MySpreadsheetIntegration-v1");


      SpreadsheetQuery query = new SpreadsheetQuery();

      SpreadsheetFeed feed = service.Query(query);

      SpreadsheetEntry spreadsheet = (SpreadsheetEntry)feed.Entries[0];

      WorksheetFeed wsFeed = spreadsheet.Worksheets;
      WorksheetEntry worksheet = (WorksheetEntry)wsFeed.Entries[0];

      CellQuery cellQuery = new CellQuery(worksheet.CellFeedLink);
      CellFeed cellFeed = service.Query(cellQuery);

      foreach (CellEntry cell in cellFeed.Entries)

but cell.InputValue is always null. I am missing something, can u help?

Thanks in advance for the help.

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cell.InputValue would be used to input a value into the cell. It would be used as:

cell.InputValue = string;

Google Spreadsheets API is very limited in its capabilities. It's my understanding that, while it can read from and write to cells, any formula or formatting contained therein (including hyperlinks) is out of reach of the API.

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