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My situation is that the Microsoft IIS app server and code in C# already exists. The Web Services and contracts have been done in the .NET framework. My question is what open source Enterprise Service Bus is available to register the endpoint for sending messages to/from the services on the IIS app server? Can I have a Java-based ESB when my endpoint is written in a different language, C#?

I'm looking for an open-source ESB where I can deploy existing WSDL to register the Microsoft server endpoint and wondering if a Java-based ESB will work? What kind of issues would creep up? Is it better to match endpoint vendor type with esb vendor type?

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Since nobody else has chimed in, I guess I'll give it a go.

You'll see that most of the open-source service buses in .NET (NServiceBus, MassTransit, etc) stay pretty far away from WSDL - instead preferring to take a more message-centric approach.

  • Full disclosure, I'm deeply involved with NServiceBus.

Java-based ESBs tend to be more open to integrating more web-service-centric approaches.

The tradeoffs associated with introducing non-Microsoft technology in your production environment center around your operations team's familiarity with them. There's also the development side of things, but in my experience, that tends to be more minor in comparison.

Hope that helps in some small way.

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