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I expect this is a fairly simple answer (and I will be embarrassed when I see how easy the solution is), but I am having a lot of trouble pulling intraday stock data by minute using the getSymbols() function under the quantmod package.

I try to pull data using getSymbols("F") and end up with the following output:

> F[1:10]
           F.Open F.High F.Low F.Close F.Volume F.Adjusted
2007-01-03   7.56   7.67  7.44    7.51 78652200       7.22
2007-01-04   7.56   7.72  7.43    7.70 63454900       7.41
2007-01-05   7.72   7.75  7.57    7.62 40562100       7.33
2007-01-08   7.63   7.75  7.62    7.73 48938500       7.43
2007-01-09   7.75   7.86  7.73    7.79 56732200       7.49
2007-01-10   7.79   7.79  7.67    7.73 42397100       7.43
2007-01-11   7.73   7.80  7.68    7.77 40020800       7.47
2007-01-12   7.77   7.92  7.76    7.89 57053800       7.59
2007-01-16   7.89   8.01  7.87    7.94 66699800       7.64
2007-01-17   7.97   8.10  7.97    8.04 63728700       7.73

As you can see, this is only daily historical data, and I need minute-by-minute historical data.

I've done some research and found this tutorial that implies it is possible to have data in the form of historical minute bar, however I cannot find the correct parameters or function that would allow me to do this. It is not possible to go to higher frequencies, so I am unable to take my daily data and go to minute-by-minute data. I am wondering how to use quantmod to get minute-by-minute historical data over the course of, say, a year - In the end, I would like a dataframe with columns "Date", "Minute Bar", and "Volume".

Please let me know if I can provide you with any more information.

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This isn't a programming question. You're asking where you can get free intraday equity data. –  Joshua Ulrich Aug 8 '13 at 18:58
I'm sorry, perhaps I wasn't clear - While my ultimate goal is to get intraday data, my question is one about programming: I am wondering how to utilize the functionality of the quantmod package as outlined on the quantmod website: –  user2665541 Aug 8 '13 at 19:12
Your question is, "how do I get intraday data with getSymbols?" The answer is, "you can't". The getSymbols wrappers that come with quantmod pull free data from online sources. No such sources exist for intraday equity data. You have to purchase an intraday data source and write a getSymbols wrapper to that data source. The See Also section of ?getSymbols lists all the wrappers that come with quantmod, which you can use as templates. –  Joshua Ulrich Aug 8 '13 at 19:19
It would seem that there are some free sources online for well-formatted intraday information. –  Alnilam Aug 10 '13 at 18:31

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