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I am trying to integrate the r.js optimizer on the server side (Apache Sling) and face one problem: when resolving modules it always looks them up under the output directory (dir), not from within the source directory (baseUrl or appDir), doesn't find them and thus fails.


    name: "modules/main",
    dir: "/target",
    baseUrl: "/sources"

If you wonder, the root path / is inside the server's JCR repository, not a file system. Also I simplified the example a bit (hopefully without concealing the issue).

It will resolve and read the main file properly:



However, when it now tries to resolve modules/foo, it tries to read it from /target/modules/foo.js instead of /sources/modules/foo.js as I would expect, which does not exist and the whole r.js execution fails and stops.

I tried using appDir and all kinds of combinations, but the issue is always the same. I am fairly sure it is not related to my integration code... AFAIU from documentation and googling around, it should either copy them to the target before building the optimized file or simply pick them up from the source directory automatically.

  • Am I supposed to copy all the raw source files to /target myself before running r.js?
  • Maybe the problem is that baseUrl=/overlay is different from build.js residing inside /project?
  • Maybe r.js also looks at the current working directory of the r.js process (which is so far undefined in my case)?
  • Can the output directory (dir) live outside appDir or baseUrl?
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My require.js configuration looks like so:

  appDir: "../app",
  baseUrl: "js/lib", // means the base URL is ../app/js/lib
  dir: "../app-built", //target

  // offtopic, but a very handy option
  mainConfigFile: "../app/config.js",

  // I'm not 100% sure if it's equivalent to your version
  // where you're not using "modules" and just "name"
  modules: [{
    name: "../some/main" // this is ../app/js/some/main.js

Reading through - it seems you do want an appDir specified if you want the files to be copied to the target dir before optimization.

To answer your other questions

  • you don't need to manually copy files over
  • baseUrl should point to the same place as baseUrl used in your app's config - however you have to adjust it depending on what appDir you choose to use (e.g. appDir="../app" and baseUrl="js/lib", or appDir="../app/js" then baseUrl="lib", etc.)
  • appDir and dir should be relative to the build config file - I don't know what happens when you use absolute paths
  • yes - output dir does (has to?) live outside appDir. BaseURL is within the appDir/dir (all these names are really confusing..)

I would say

  1. use the "appDir" setting
  2. try using "modules" like I did instead of just "name"
  3. make "appDir" and "dir" relative paths to the build file if you can - these absolute paths might be what's breaking? because other than that the config looks very similar to the one I use

I know there's a different way of configuring it where your output is 1 file, which case the files are read from the source dir - but I haven't used that much myself.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the elaborate answer! I played around with the appDir (both absolute or relative), but it never tries to copy all files over. What I see by debug logs I hooked into the file access functions is: a) reads the build.js file b) deletes the dir (fresh start) c) copies the main file from its source to the output dir d) reads and parses the main file from the output dir and e) tries to look up the foo dependency from inside the output dir, not the source (fails of course). I am missing the initial copy-recursive step (if that's what appDir is supposed to do). – Alexander Klimetschek Aug 13 '13 at 0:33
I also tried using modules instead of just main, to no avail :( I'll keep digging around, your answer at least gives me an idea what is expected. – Alexander Klimetschek Aug 13 '13 at 0:34
I got the "way of configuring it where your output is 1 file" to work, simply using out. See my own answer. – Alexander Klimetschek Aug 17 '13 at 2:48
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Answering myself: I got it to work with the single output file approach using out instead of appDir or dir:

    name: "modules/main",
    baseUrl: "/sources"
    out: "/target/out.js",

In this case it reads all the modules from the sources and creates a /target/out-temp.js which it then moves to /target/out.js when done.

This seems to suit my needs so far.

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Hey Alexander, did you ever manage to make this work with modules, I've ran into the same issue you described above but in my case I want it to work with modules otherwise I would have a bunch of config scripts for a multipage site – jayaguilar Oct 9 '14 at 14:35
No, the single concatenated output file was fine for my case. I define one config file per output anyway. – Alexander Klimetschek Oct 9 '14 at 18:08

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