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I have 2 questions about flex datagrids:

  1. How can I scroll it automatically to the bottom when new portion of data arrived to it (e.g. I added new items)
  2. Strange, but seems it doesn't scroll when I use scrolling wheel, is there any trick about it (especially for mac Users)

Thanks in advance

Some changes:

public function scroll():void
    chatboard.verticalScrollPosition = chatboard.maxVerticalScrollPosition;

<mx:TextArea id="chatboard" x="10" y="10" width="310" height="181" text="{chatMessages}" editable="false" verticalScrollPolicy="on" resize="scroll()"/>

But actually it don't help. The text area is not autoscrolled :(

Seems that 1) scroll is not called after new string is added to chatMessages

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Did you try datagrid.scrollToIndex(datagrid.dataProvider.length - 1);? –  Amarghosh Nov 29 '09 at 17:27

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I find here that the mouse wheel scrolls the text area by default. Are you looking for a different behavior?

As far as skipping to the end goes:

in your TextArea wire up to the updateComplete and it seems to work as you would like:

 <mx:TextArea id="textArea1" liveScrolling="true" updateComplete="textArea1_Changed(event);" />


  private function textArea1_Changed(event:Event):void {textArea1.verticalScrollPosition = textArea1.maxVerticalScrollPosition;}

finally, you can test with something like:

  private function btnClick(e:Event):void{textArea1.text += new Date().getTime().toString() + "\n";}
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This solution works! I mean that the box is autoscrolled, as I needed. (don't know why wheel scrolling is not working) :( Anyway thanks! –  Oleg Tarasenko Dec 1 '09 at 8:41

1) dataGrid.verticalScrollPosition=dataGrid.maxVerticalScrollPosition

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