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Is there a global way to redirect users w/ certain ip's in pyramid? Right now, we have to redirect on a view by view basis.

For instance, each view will return 'my custom message' for every page someone w/ ip address of 'xyx.xxx.xx' visits. If you don't have that ip address, then the page will load as normal.

@view_config(renderer="json", route_name="myview")
def myview(request):
def redirector(request):
    if request.remote_addr.startswith('66.'): return viewA(request)
    else: return 'my custom message'

Is there a way we could redirect globally in pyramid (other than through .htaccess)?


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You can use Pyramid's events system :

def newrequest(event):
    request = event.request
    if request.remote_addr.startswith('66.'):
        raise SomeException('my custom message')

@view_config(context=SomeException, renderer='string')
def exc_view(exc, request):
    return exc.message
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pyramid gets more and more awesome the more I learn about and use it. It's a very well thought out framework. Thx for your help on my question as well as your contributions to the framework. Big fan here! –  kristen Aug 9 '13 at 5:28

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