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I have the following two models:

class Process < ActiveRecord::Base

 has_many :activities, inverse_of: :artifact, dependent: :destroy
 attr_accessible :name, :activities_attributes
 def update_status!
   if self.activities.all? {|a| a.completed? }
     self.status = 'completed'
   elsif self.activities.any? {|a| a.completed? }
     self.status = 'in_progress'
     self.status = 'not_started'


class Activity < ActiveRecord::Base
    belongs_to :process, inverse_of: :activities
    attr_accessible :name,:completed_date
    scope :completed, where("completed_date is not null")

Then in my Controller:

 @activity = Activity.find(params[:id])
 @activity.completed_date = Time.now

If I put a debugger directly after this line, and print out @activity.completed it returns true, however @artifact.status is still "not_started" (assume no other activities).

However, if I add the following line before the update:

 @activity.process.activities[@activity.process.activities.index(@activity)] = @activity

The status is updated correctly.

Why doesn't the change to @activity propagate into process.activities? And how can I make it propagate?

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I don't this inverse_of works with has_many through. See this article: ActiveRecord :inverse_of does not work on has_many :through on the join model on create

Here is the relevant blurb from the RailsGuides:

There are a few limitations to inverse_of support:

They do not work with :through associations. They do not work with :polymorphic associations. They do not work with :as associations. For belongs_to associations, has_many inverse associations are ignored.

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I almost don't want to upvote your response.... 666 SO points ftw ^_^ –  Abraham P Aug 9 '13 at 2:01
'for belongs_to associations, has_many inverse associations are ignored' that was it then. Thanks, and sorry for screwing up your score ;) –  Abraham P Aug 9 '13 at 2:05

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