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I roughly understand the output, but could not explain some of the details. For example, The input to ycsb is

threads=1000 target=200,000 operationcount=10,000,000

The following I have listed the output on terminal, I understand the columns are

cumulative time, cumulative operations (generated by workload), current operations (generated by workload), update avg. latency, read avg. latency

I had thought the update avg. latency on each row was the Hbase latency corresponding to the current workload generated operations on the exact same row. However, if that were the case, then should not the update avg. latency on time 50sec to time 93sec be zero? As from 50sec to 93sec, there is no work load generated anymore, so there should have not been any update on those times.

Since it is actually not the case, does update avg.latency value on each row has no direct relations with the printed current workload operations on the rows? I am wondering what the update avg.latency on each row really mean.

10 sec: 1794396 operations; 179403.72 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=474.05] [READ AverageLatency(us)=9062.12] 
20 sec: 3969622 operations; 217435.63 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=3.52] [READ AverageLatency(us)=4700.41] 
30 sec: 5970563 operations; 200054.09 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=3.18] [READ AverageLatency(us)=3318.48]  
40 sec: 6000000 operations; 2943.41 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=55157.43] [READ AverageLatency(us)=2747.49] [CLEANUP AverageLatency(us)=7099257.21]  
50 sec: 6000000 operations; 0 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=15693691.97]  [CLEANUP AverageLatency(us)=15693697.7]  
60 sec: 6000000 operations; 0 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=23160795.34]  [CLEANUP AverageLatency(us)=23160801.67]  
70 sec: 6000000 operations; 0 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=38141648.29]  [CLEANUP AverageLatency(us)=38141654.65] 
80 sec: 6000000 operations; 0 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=46397931.01]  [CLEANUP AverageLatency(us)=46397937.01] 
90 sec: 6000000 operations; 0 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=55033576.15]  [CLEANUP AverageLatency(us)=55033582.21] 
93 sec: 6000000 operations; 0 current ops/sec; [UPDATE AverageLatency(us)=61258820.96]  [CLEANUP AverageLatency(us)=61258826.92] 

Or to understand Hbase's performance, we should ignore the aforementioned input, but look at the other more summarized output from YCSB? There the values are more aggreated, e.g. the througput and kind of reflect the whole 93sec. But I often find the MaxLatency is rather large. can this be trusted? How should one interpret this result.

[OVERALL], RunTime(ms), 93755.0[OVERALL], Throughput(ops/sec), 63996.5868487014
[UPDATE], Operations, 3001262
[UPDATE], AverageLatency(us), 13161.38996895306[UPDATE], MinLatency(us), 1
[UPDATE], MaxLatency(us), 63628650
[UPDATE], 95thPercentileLatency(ms), 0[UPDATE], 99thPercentileLatency(ms), 0
[UPDATE], Return=0, 3000262
[UPDATE], 0, 2999691[UPDATE], 1, 64
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