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I want to detect all terms in a polynomial expression like


I want the string to be seperated into sub-strings at the '+' and '-'. In other words, I want to have the terms seperately. To simplify things, I add '+' or '-' at the start of the string if not already present to simplify things.


Now, I need a regex which can detect all the terms seperately. I also need to keep in mind that there can be as many terms as possible.

I did try something like


but since I am new to regex, I don't think it is within my capability to make it work.

I need your help. Please note that in this case, the desired results are :

  1. +x^2
  2. +3x
  3. -2

Thanks in advance!

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You're using the wrong technology here. You need to write a scanner and a parser. Regexes won't do it alone. – EJP Aug 9 '13 at 2:06

A regular expression can do the limited job you state, as Joseph's answer shows.

But if you want to handle more complicated expressions then a regex wont cut it. Consider


or an unexpanded expression such as


These require a parser: see Regular Expression Vs. String Parsing

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I get your point. Thanks! – Cheeku Aug 9 '13 at 3:01

Try this regex:


Here's a quick explanation:

[+-]?   // Optionally find either a + or a -
[^+-]+  // Find as many non-plus-or-minus characters as possible

See it here in action:

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