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I am attempting to make my jcarousel so it autoscroll in the appropriate direction when you hover on the arrows.

I am able to call the autoscroll on button hover using this in my jquery.jcarousel.min.js

function mycarousel_initCallback(carousel){
carousel.buttonNext.hover(function() {     
function()    {     
carousel.buttonPrev.hover(function() {     
function()    {     
}); }

However, it will scroll in the same direction for both arrows.

        startAuto: function (a) {
        if (a !== void 0) this.options.auto = a;
        if (this.options.auto === 0) return this.stopAuto();
        if (this.timer === null) {
            this.autoStopped = !1;
            var c = this;
            this.timer = window.setTimeout(function () {

            }, this.options.auto * 1E3)

I am able to change the direction it scrolls in by changing "c.next();" to "c.prev();

Unfortunately, I am unable to add both directions to it. I am no js expert so am having some troubles to something that seems fairly simple.

Would it be possible to make it so it recognizes whether next or prev is pressed, and then change the value of c.next to c.prev?

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