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I create websites all the time, but this time I am stumped. I cannot seem to get a link to open in a new tab. Here is the specific line of code I am trying to troubleshoot:

<aside id="bnk_widget_donation-2" class="bnk-widget bnk_widget_donation">
    <div class="bnk-donation clickable">
        <span class="donation-icon mobile-hide">&nbsp;</span>
        <h3 class="replace inset">
            <a href="" target="_blank">
                Donate Now
        <p class="subhead">
            support our mission

The line number when looking at the source is line 197. The page is available here. The problem is the Donate link to PayPal that does not open in a new tab.

Any thoughts?

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Javascript is happening when you click on it. The HTML includes a javascript file "" which has a click event $(".clickable, .landing-mod").

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