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I have an application that has a requirement to attach links to emails to client records in the application.

I need an email server that - in addition to behaving like any email server, do a REST POST to my application end point notifying my application about a new email and needs to provide atleast the ID of the email (the ID with which I can open a pop-up browser in my application and view that email) and subject on the email.

I have evaluated a number of inbound parsing solutions but most either don't give me control to pass authentication information or do a POST of type JSON, and not a basic FORM POST. I have evaluated the following:

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  • Any mail server, atleast popular MTAs like postfix, sendmail allow you to pipe the email through stdin to a program.
  • Once you have the mail content in a program, you can do any magic. ( We have a requirement of parsing every incoming mail, updating the database and leaving a copy of mail in mailbox for reference and we do it through a perl script )
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