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I created a group, then deleted it, and now when I want to create it again I get the following error:

The form contains invalid entries:
Name: Group name already exists in database

Digging around I realized I can finally rase it from outside ckan. From a pgadmin3 console I have to delete related records in member_revision, member, group_role and finally group table

But doing so I break all the history in the audit tables, and god knows what else.

Is there some politer way to achieve it?

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Instead of creating a new group, you could try to "undelete" the old one. Unfortunately there is not yet a clean way to do this, so you still have to fiddle with the database directly. But at least you don't loose the whole history. –  Odi Aug 14 '13 at 21:20

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The quickest (and probably dirtiest) way to do this, assuming your group name is my-group:

update group_revision set state='active' where name='my-group' and current=true;
update group set state='active' where name='my-group';

This should keep the audit intact.

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