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I'm trying to get (by get I mean to create a new one) an instance of a class. This is what I did :


import 'dart:isolate';

void main() {
  SendPort sendPort = spawnUri('file_two.dart');
  sendPort.call('get new instance')


import 'dart:isolate';
import 'dart:mirrors';

class TestClass {}

void main() {
  port.receive((message, SendPort replyTo) {
    MirrorSystem current = currentMirrorSystem();
    LibraryMirror isolate = current.isolate.rootLibrary;
    Map classes = isolate.classes;
    ClassMirror test = classes[const Symbol('TestClass')];
    TestClass testClass = test.newInstance(const Symbol(''), []).reflectee;

It prints nothing, but if I send a string e.g 'SomeString' it prints 'SomeString'. Any workaround?

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You cannot send testClass through port because according to dart:isolate - Concurrency with Isolates :

The content of a message can be any of the following:

  • A primitive value (null, num, bool, double, String)
  • An instance of SendPort
  • A list or map whose elements are any of the above, including other lists and maps
  • In special circumstances, an object of any type

There's also an issue to allow Transferable Objects for Dart's Isolates that could change this behaviour in the future.

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