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I want to retrieve the date between two date insql server R2 version. Here I have the following Table CategoryProductStoreMapping

 ---  3  --------  12  -------- 7 ------ 2013-01-05 
 ---  6  --------  22  -------- 14 ----- 2013-01-06  
 ---  8  --------  11  -------- 9 ------ 2013-01-07 }

I want to retrieve the data which are stored in Date between '2013-01-05' and '2013-01-07' I have tried in many ways like

  FROM CategoryProductStoreMapping as RL
  CONVERT(VARCHAR(20), RL.[Date],103) BETWEEN CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),'2013-01-05',103)
  AND CONVERT(VARCHAR(20),'2013-01-07',103)}

I have also tried the following statement to retrieve the same:

  FROM CategoryProductStoreMapping as RL 
  where RL.[Date]>='2013-01-05' and  RL.[Date]<='2013-01-07'}

I also tried this:

  FROM CategoryProductStoreMapping as RL 
  where RL.[Date] between '2013-01-05' and '2013-01-07'}

In place of '' i have tried ## to define the sql it is date but still the data is not retrieve. by doing so I am only able to retrieve the column name but not the data. can anybody help me out to retrieve the data please.

Thank you

With Regard


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What datatype is date column in your table. –  Ondrej Svejdar Aug 9 '13 at 7:50

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Check bellow link might help you,

Sql Fiddle

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thank you sir this Really save my time –  YChettri Aug 9 '13 at 8:01

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