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In Eclipse Juno with PyDev,

Please let me know How to auto-select whitespace when I double-click a space.

In other editors, I can auto-select all whitespaces when I double-clicked a space between the spaces. However, In Eclipse, it doesn't work.

for example,

         var          = 111

when I double click any space between 'r' and '=', all white space should be selected.

Many thanks in advance~

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You're right, this is something that isn't working on PyDev/Eclipse.

Please create a feature request at


Note: the work is guided through votes in the tracker or pull requests, if someone is interested in doing a pull-request, the related class would be: org.python.pydev.editor.PyDoubleClickStrategy (and details for getting the pydev code: http://pydev.org/developers.html)

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Thanks for your answer. As time goes by, I'm getting familiar with this "un-selected" features :0 –  Mr.Ha Mar 12 '14 at 7:12
This should be fixed for the next PyDev release (3.4) –  Fabio Zadrozny Mar 12 '14 at 15:13

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