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I would like to know if there are good face detection & recognition APIs around for JavaScript (either client side or server side). I've read some of the StackOverflow related questions (like this one), but either they are old or the answers do not satisfy me.

I'm searching for an API capable of detecting a face (e.g. bounding box around the face) and recognise it (e.g. telling me with some probability who is the person in the picture). For what concerns the database of faces, I will take care of it.

The only resource I know is rekognition and looks promising. I would like to have more options though.

Thanks a bunch!

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A bit late answer, but this is promising. Uses Face Detection JavaScript library to find the coordinates and size of the faces in an image.

Facebook and other major sites use then own written library but in our case we can use this library as this is open source and popular too. This library returns the coordinates and size of the faces relative to the actual dimension of the image not the CSS dimension. Therefore we need to generate different sizes of an image on different viewport sizes so that we can get the correct dimensions & coordinates of the faces in an image across various devices/viewport.

Finding Faces in an Image using Face Detection Library

It is very easy to detect faces in an image. Its the most accurate JavaScript library at present.

Here is the code to find coordinates and sizes of faces in an image.

     function face_detection(id) {
            $("#" + id).faceDetection({
                complete: function(faces){
                    var count = faces.length;
                    for(var iii = 0; iii < count; iii++){
                        var x = faces[iii].offsetX;
                        var y = faces[iii].offsetY;
                        var height = faces[iii].height;
                        var width = faces[iii].width;

To call this function you need to provide id of an tag. Make sure you call this function of an after its loaded. Otherwise you will get error.

View the DEMO.

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