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I am a bit confused the link to use to install ejabberd on my windows XP box [] ? What are the steps involved and dependencies there off?


I installed ejabberd windows version from link as mentioned in reply thread - but when I started the app it stated:

Starting ejabberd...
./ejabberdctl: e:\bin\erl.exe: can't execute: (14001) Error 14001

There is a problem starting Erlang.
If the error you see is 14001, you need to install:
  Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 SP1 Redistributable Package
You can download that installer from
You can also check the ejabberd Administrator Guide

But even after downloading the package and successfully installing I still get the same error?

Please let me know how to resolve the same?

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You could install 2.1.11 using the installer provided by Process-One here. Windows installer for 2.1.13 is not there yet.

no additional dependencies are required as ejabberd installer includes a build of Erlang runtime.

But really I fail to see what's the problem with putting up a cheap box running some free OS (I'd personally recommend Debian) where ejabberd would be installable via the OS's package manager, and will be upgraded along with the rest of the OS when the next release comes out.

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