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I'm trying to add packages using meteorite from atmosphere, but it seems unable to clone the repo. Here is my error.

    mrt add momentjs
✓ momentjs
    tag: https://github.com/crapthings/meteor-momentjs.git#v2.1.0

        throw "There was a problem cloning repo: " + self.url;
There was a problem cloning repo: https://github.com/crapthings/meteor-momentjs.git

Any ideas as to what might have gone wrong? git is in my PATH, and so is meteorite.

EDIT: This is running on OS X Mountain Lion

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Depending on how you installed meteorite:

sudo mrt add momentjs

The WTF guide says that you might need to install meteorite with administrator rights. With my installation I also need to run mrt commands with sudo.

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yes, i've installed mrt with sudo. also tried running mrt with sudo as well, but received the same error. –  thetrystero Aug 9 '13 at 23:36
found it here stackoverflow.com/questions/17953063/… –  thetrystero Aug 9 '13 at 23:44

You can fix those issues by cleaning up the root owned files in your meteorite installation (or better: uninstall meteorite, clean up and reinstall it):

sudo mrt uninstall
sudo mrt uninstall --system
sudo chown -R `whoami` ~/.npm
sudo -H npm install -g meteorite

Don't forget the -H for setting the HOME variable to the root homedir in the last line. Afterwards you can do mrt add whatsoever without sudo again. Works for me, found here: https://github.com/oortcloud/meteorite

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