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I am working on WinRT and entity framework (to SQL), the layer that communicates between them is WCF Service.

In the entity framework I am using the Repository Pattern and I have the method:

    public IQueryable<User> GetBySearch(Expression<Func<User, bool>> search)
        return this.Context.Users.Where(search);

Everything works fine, but when I add it to WCF

    IQueryable<User> GetEventBySearch(Expression<Func<User, bool>> search);


    public IQueryable<User> GetEventBySearch(Expression<Func<User, bool>> search)
        IUser user = new UserRepository();
        return user.GetBySearch(search);

But the problem that Expression<TDelegate> is not serializable, therefore, WCF can't serialize it.

So I thought to inherit from it and make it [Serializable] but the problem that it is a sealed class.

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This doesn't make sence at all. In fact you try to execute a func in the code of WinRT client on the WCF service. How shoud that work? I think you have to define your own query language that is translated to a expression on the service.

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