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I am using the jQuery tools tooltip on a page. When the user rollovers a link, I would like to show a ordered (or unordered) list on a image. The list is dynamic for each link. I can get it to work for the first link but all other links do not work.

Does anyone have a working example of multiple dynamic jQuery Tools Tooltips working on a page?

Please help!!

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You are going to have to post some code, to see what is going wrong. I assume you are using the tooltip plugin. – Shiv Nov 29 '09 at 2:10

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I was able to resolve my issue by following this example,

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Basically you can just put your unordered list right after your link.... as the demos on the site say:

By default, this tool assumes that the tooltip is placed right after the trigger element.

So add as many as you like, but just make sure you put the tooltip (I think in a div) immediately after your link that you want to trigger it.

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Yes, I have seen the demos on the site and I have read the documentation. I caa get it to work but it only works for the 1st one. Can you provide a simple example? Thanks. – Rich Blumer Nov 29 '09 at 2:13

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