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There is a class TPerson. It is known that FSecondName unique to each object.

  TPerson = class(TObject)
    FAge:        Integer;
    FFirstName:  String;
    FSecondName: String;
    property Age:        Integer read FAge;
    property FirstName:  String  read FFirstName;
    property SecondName: String  read FSecondName;
    constructor Create;

How can I add a class field (like static field in C#) Persons: TDictionary (String, TPerson), where the key is SecondName and the value is an object of class TPerson.


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No two people will have the same second name? A wild, progressive society where family names are replaced by GUID? –  J... Aug 9 '13 at 12:44

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You can declare a class variable:

  TMyClass = class
    class var
      FMyClassVar: Integer;

Obviously you can use whatever type you like for the class variable.

Class variables have global storage. So there is a single instance of the variable. A Delphi class variable is directly analagous to a C# static field.

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