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The following code works fine:

if 'media_content' in entry:
                mediaContent='No Media'

But this gives me an error:

 if 'media_content' in entry:
                mediaContent='No Media'

This is the error:

list indices must be integers, not str

I've seen multiple uses of this syntax when searching on the web to pull out the url from the media_content element of feedparser, but it isn't working for me. I'm new to python, so I'm sure it is just that I'm not accessing the dictionary properly. I just want the raw url as a string.


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1 Answer

entry.media_content is a list of entries, each a dictionary:

for item in entry.media_content:
    print item['url']

You could just grab the first one listed:

if 'media_content' in entry:
    mediaContent = entry.media_content[0]['url']
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