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I'm trying to achieve a same height border line between divs that are floated left using display:table-cells. I understand that if I change float:none, the heights of the divs are equal but for some reason I can't change float:left to none.

Is there a way to make the divs equal height with float:left ?

See this image to explain the problem and what I'm trying to achieve

Code :

<!doctype html>
        .c-grids {display:table}
        .c-grid {display:table-cell;float:left;border-left:1px solid red;padding:0 20px;}
        .c-grids input {display:block;}
    <div class="c-grids">
        <DIV class="c-grid c-grid-1of4">
            name<INPUT type=text autocomplete="off" name="text1" value="">
        <DIV class="c-grid c-grid-2of4">
            <INPUT type=text autocomplete="off" name="text2" value="">
        <DIV class="c-grid c-grid-3of4">
            <INPUT type=text autocomplete="off" name="text31" value="">
            <INPUT type=text autocomplete="off" name="text32" value="">
        <DIV class="c-grid c-grid-4of4">
            <INPUT type=text autocomplete="off" name="text41" value="">
            <INPUT type=text autocomplete="off" name="text42" value="">
            <INPUT type=text autocomplete="off" name="text43" value="">

Thanks, CT

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share here you should try your code –  Fags Aug 9 '13 at 12:28
You can try adding min-height: 100px to every div. –  Aayushi Jain Aug 9 '13 at 12:35

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