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I currently have two tables: 1. car(plate_number, brand, cid) 2. borrow(StartDate, endDate, brand, id)

I want to write a query to get all available brand and count of available cars for each brand

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Sounds like a good homework question. Does your instructor know you're cheating? – Randal Schwartz Nov 29 '09 at 5:22
Specify "Available": for a given date ? – mjv Nov 29 '09 at 5:24
You may want to consider naming your table with a noun like "loan" instead of the verb "borrow". Tables normally represent entities (things). – Andy West Nov 29 '09 at 6:08

halfpseudo count rows or use sql count or group by, left join also applicable where nullvalues

brand from car join borrow on borrow.brand=car.brand where endDate<currentdate
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SELECT c.Brand COUNT(plate_number) FROM car as c LEFT JOIN (borrow as b) on c.cid = WHERE endDate < NOW() GROUP BY c.Brand

I did not try it but it should work.

Edit: fixed where.

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1. car(plate_number, brand, cid) 2. borrow(StartDate, endDate, brand, id)
select c.plate_number,b.brand,count(b.brand) as available_number
from car c, borrow b where c.brand=b.brand and end_date>=sysdate
having count(1)>0
group by c.plate_number,b.brand;

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