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I want to write a simple statistic tool that is doing some queries and saving the results in a nother table from the same database.

Mainly I want to tracke the number of items in different tables, number of touched items during a month and so on. This would allow me to get some analytics regarding the usages of the system, information that I will not be able to get just by looking at the database status at one moment.

Let's say that I have this query:

select count(*) as mytab_mcount from mytab where updated > CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '1 months'; 

Now I do want to store the result of this query in a stats table so I can query it in order to get some trend data.

Clearly I could code this in something but I am wondering if I can do this only in SQL, Postgres blend of it.

I want to put the result in a table like

date         mytab_mcount    some_stat
2013-09-01   1234            NUL

Clearly the SQL should insert a new row or update the existing one.

Is this possilbe, can you put a basic example?

I this could be done in a single query it would be very easy to automate this, keeping all the logic in one place, and having a cron job to execute it.

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It sounds like you want INSERT INTO ... SELECT ... as an UPSERT or MERGE. You're not likely to find a clean, concurrency-safe, simple way to do this in Pg. –  Craig Ringer Aug 9 '13 at 13:15
@CraigRinger: You may be over-thinking this. Doesn't sound like multi-user concurrency or even uniqueness are the problem. More like a basic case of UPDATE / INSERT with another table as source. –  Erwin Brandstetter Aug 9 '13 at 13:57

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Have you tried something like:

INSERT INTO stat_table (stat_date, table_name, row_count, some_stat)
SELECT CURRENT_DATE, 'mytab', count(*), 2+3
FROM mytab 
WHERE updated > CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '1 months';


UPDATE stat_table 
SET row_count = (SELECT count(*) FROM mytab WHERE updated > CURRENT_DATE - INTERVAL '1 months'),
    stat_date = CURRENT_DATE,
    some_stat = (SELECT 1+3)
WHERE table_name = 'mytab';
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sounds good for a start, I may be able to squeeze these into a single query. I will back to update your answer with the verified solution ;) Thanks. –  sorin Aug 9 '13 at 15:23

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