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I've edited the problem statement to be more explicit of my scenario

I have the following file structure:


The contents of celery_config.py

## Broker settings.
BROKER_URL = 'sqla+mysql://user:pass@host/dbname'

## Using the database to store task state and results.
CELERY_RESULT_DBURI   = 'mysql://user:pass@host/dbname

The contents of bar.py

from celery import Celery

from foo_folder import foo

import celery_config

celery = Celery('tasks',backend='database',broker='sqla+mysql://user:pass@host/dbname')


def bar():
    return "bar"

Now I'm trying to kick off a celery worker from the pkg directory using the following:

celery -A bar_folder\bar worker

And I get an error saying that Import by filename is not supported. I'm not sure what I'm doing wrong here

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