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I am working on a project relying on AngularJS where I need to locate all airports in the world and link them with lines.

To do so, I searched for some existing projects that set angular directives to embed Google Maps API into my project: Namely Angular-ui-map (https://github.com/angular-ui/ui-map), Angular-google-maps (https://github.com/nlaplante/angular-google-maps) and AngularGM (https://github.com/dylanfprice/angular-gm)

But the problem is that none of those projects talks about Google Maps Polylines !

Anyone has already been able to use the complete set of Google Maps features ? Or I should create my own directives to achieve this ?

Thanks a lot.

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This might be easier to implement with d3 and angularjs. Check out this example that is for US airports. mbostock.github.io/d3/talk/20111116/airports.html –  nickromano Aug 9 '13 at 23:50
Thank you for your answer. The example is interesting but I am looking for the same thing on a Map (not necessarily a google maps ). I conclude also from what you've said that Google Maps API's polylines are not supported (yet?) in AngularJS... –  Anas Aug 10 '13 at 11:26
Are you able to implement something like this into an AngularJS controller or directive? –  alex Feb 11 at 18:12

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I've used another project called angularjs-google-maps which claims to

Expose all original Google Maps V3 api to the user.

Indeed it does provide a directive for polylines (example from documentation, works for me):

<map zoom="11" center="[40.74, -74.18]">
    <shape id="polyline" name="polyline" geodesic="true"
           stroke-color="#FF0000" stroke-opacity="1.0" stroke-weight="2"
           path="[[40.74,-74.18],[40.64,-74.10],[40.54,-74.05],[40.44,-74]]" ></shape>
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